Classic Tube FAQ's

What are the torque values for installing our stainless tubing?

The following SAE specification, J512 APR97 shows the torque table for the nominal size fitting with a SAE double inverted flare. Through our internal tests we believe the following SAE specification is correct when the matting seat is brass. We have proved out both steel fittings with steel tubing as well as stainless steel fittings with stainless steel tubing. The results showed an almost exact concentric impression into the brass seat with both materials. But, this has been proved out using components with new seats. Master cylinders, wheel cylinders, flex hoses, unions, distribution blocks, proportioning valves, metering valves are all made from either brass, steel, cast iron or aluminum. So the torque table would be used as a guide. It would be up to the installer to verify the torque needed for sealing the associated materials to achieve a proper seat but without deforming the seat to a point where it won’t seal or striping the threads. Keep in mind the use of original or used components that have already seen a tube installed and the seat formed to the old tubing will need additional torque to overcome the previous impression in the seat to properly seal the new tubing.

SAE J512 Revised APR97

NOM Tube OD ( In.) Torque Requirements
for Steel Nuts (N-m)
Torque Requirements for Steel Nuts (lb-in)
1/8 6.8 5
3/16 13.6 10
1/4 16.9 12.5
5/16 20.3 15
3/8 23.7 17.5
7/16 33.9 25
1/2 45.2 33.3
5/8 56.5 41.6
3/4 73.4 54.2

How do we ship the long fuel and brake lines?

We ship the line in an oversize box approximately 9"x19"x79" (the largest allowable by UPS) with a shipping bend in the center section. This shipping bend is easily removed by placing the line on the floor, holding one end against the floor and pressing your hand slowly along the bend to straighten it out. No need to use tools.

Is stainless steel tubing hard to seal?

The stainless steel nut will require approximately 15 lb./ft. to seal. This is slightly more than the normal steel nut requires. Remember to check the seat where the flare will seal. If the seat is deformed you may need a new block, hose etc.

What is the advantage of stainless steel tubing over steel tubing?

Stainless steel tubing, nuts and gravel guard are impervious to salt and other metal-destroying elements your vehicle is subjected to. Equally important is that it will never change its appearance. It is a permanent replacement that looks great.

Do stainless steel fittings seize?

Stainless steel fittings will not rust. Which means that if you need to remove them they are not rusted to the brake line and come off as easily as they went on.

Do you need to use anti-seize or teflon tape?

Anti-seize and Teflon tape are not needed when installing your lines. The seat on the end of the tube is what seals against the brass seat in your cylinder or block. Make sure the seat is the correct size and has not been damaged.

Can we duplicate a custom line?

Yes, we can reproduce almost any line in OEM steel or in stainless steel working with the original lines or from wire or soft tubing templates.

Can we make tubes not listed in the catalog?

Yes, we need the original line to work with.

Do we have mandrel bent exhaust systems?

No we don’t sell systems, we only carry straight length tubing, 90°, 45°, 15°, 180° J-bends and 180° U-bends for the customer to fabricate exhaust systems by themselves.

Do stainless steel tubes come with stainless steel fittings?

In almost all cases we use stainless steel fittings, in some rare cases like transmission and carb lines the stainless steel fittings are an option.

Where are we located?

Our Corporate Offices and factory are located in Lancaster, New York; a suburb of Buffalo, New York.

Flare designs and standards?

Our Quality Control department oversees the manufacture of all flare ends both inverted and bubble, the specifications we adhere to have been set by the Society of Automotive Engineers - SAE.

Shipping costs?

Unless otherwise specified, shipping is UPS ground. The cost is determined by your address.

Is the item in stock?

Most of the popular cars and trucks are in stock. The more unusual vehicles we will manufacture to order.

How long does it take?

Our lead time is determined by several factors. First, we check to see if it is in stock. Items in stock will take 3-5 days to ship. If it is not in stock, we need to make to order. We check to see if we have a pattern. We have over 20,000 ! If we don't, we check to see if customer can supply a pattern (old lines in good condition) or blueprint. Lead time on custom or non-stock orders is determined by the season and the amount of orders pending ahead of yours.

Do brake and fuel lines include clips?

Sorry, we do not include clips, however we do carry generic line clips that can be substituted for the factory clips.

Longest straight length we can ship?

96" is the maximum that can be shipped straight. We recommend that a shipping bend be used to reduce the shipping cost.

Longest straight length we can ship?

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