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Become a Distributor

Classic Tube welcomes distributors and resellers of all levels, from Retailers and Jobbers to Warehouse Distributors. There are annual buying limits for each price level. We are very aggressive with our discount rates which leaves you the opportunity to maximize your profits. We also enter into exclusive product agreements which gives you the opportunity to market your own specific products.


To establish an account with Classic Tube you are required to submit the following.

- A copy of your state, city or federal tax resale license

- Sign and return a copy of Classic Tube terms and conditions.

- Maintain the minimum purchase volume.

Possession of any Classic Tube Price list does not constitute an offer to sell at wholesale or jobber prices.

How to use this price Sheet

- Classic Tube price list contain 3 price levels. Retail, Jobber and W/D.

- Retail is our suggested selling price.

- Jobber discount level is granted to businesses that meet Classic Tube minimum requirement in yearly sales.

- W/D (Warehouse Distributor) discount level is granted to businesses that meet Classic Tube minimum requirement in yearly sales.


All accounts will initially be set up for Classic Tube to accept credit card payments, we accept Visa and M/C. Accounts requesting open account terms (with appropriate credit limits) require a credit application submitted with a signed personal guarantee. After review and approval, payment terms to open accounts will be Net 30 days from invoice date (same date as shipment). Accounts with past due invoices past due by more than 10 days will be placed on credit hold until the account is brought current. Allow 2 weeks to process all credit applications. A $35.00 charge will be applied to all returned checks.

Restrictions (all pricing levels)

- To protect Classic Tube's position as a premium product brand, we have established a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy.

- Classic Tube products cannot be advertised in print or on the internet below 10% of Classic Tube's retail pricing. Legitimate shipping rates must apply.

- If a dealer is offering free shipping on Classic Tube products, the Classic Tube product must be sold at Classic Tube's full retail.

- Violation of Classic Tube policies will result in an immediate suspension of all shipments for an indefinite period or permanent termination of the account. Classic Tube will not discuss conditions of acceptance; this policy is nonnegotiable and will not be altered for any reseller.

- Any qualified Classic Tube dealer who sells Classic Tube products at prices that violate the discount rule will be subject to the same measures outlined above.

- Classic Tube does not solicit agreement to this policy, resellers must independently decide whether to comply or terminate the account.

- Classic Tube reserves the right to make changes at any time to the policies, terms or conditions without notice. Currently dated price list supersedes all other price lists.

- Classic Tube price lists and product information is available on CD-ROM upon request. Please contact directly. Classic Tube reserves the right to change prices and discontinue products without notice.

"Sales are governed solely by the Classic Tube terms and conditions."