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Do-It-Yourself Exhaust Tubing Parts From Classic Tube


April 2007

Lancaster, NY: Create your own exhaust system with Classic Tube's large diameter Stainless Steel Tubing. Our Stainless Steel Exhaust Tube Parts are available in straight lengths, mandrel-bent U-bends (180-degrees) J-bends (180-degrees) and 90, 45 and 15-degree bends.

Our 16-gauge (.065) tubing is made from 304 Stainless Steel, which combines excellent physical properties with remarkable resistance to the corrosive agents found in exhaust emissions. Our straight length Stainless Tubes are offered in ¾-inch to 5-inch outside diameter. Straight lengths are sold by the foot, and cut to the length you specify. Bends are available in diameters from ¾-inch to 5-inch depending on the angle and various leg lengths. And for the custom touch, these stainless steel parts can be buffed and polished to a high-luster by the end user.

Classic Tube Exhaust Tube parts can be ordered individually, or in a 12-piece DIY Exhaust Kit which contains two 5-foot straight lengths, two 15-degree bends, two 45-degree bends, four 90-degree bends and two 180-degree U-bends. This Kit can be ordered in 2-1/2-inch, 3-inch or 3-1/2-inch diameters.

For more information visit www.classictube.com or call toll-free 800-882-3711, In NY 716-759-1800, Fax: 716-759-1014. Classic Tube, 80 Rotech Drive, Lancaster, NY 14086.