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100% Accurate Tubing From Classic Tube


May 2006

Lancaster, NY: As any car builder will tell you, steel rusts! No news there, but that rust can put you and your vehicle in danger. Rusted fuel or brake lines are prone to damage, which can result in fluid delivery failure. Classic Tube is the industry's leading supplier of stock replacement or custom pre-bent stainless steel, steel, copper or aluminum tubing for cars, trucks, SUV's, custom applications and heavy equipment. Custom bent tubing is always available from your supplied patterns.

All Classic Tube tubing is perfectly end formed to S.A.E. specifications utilizing computer controlled bending and flaring equipment. Correct color-coded end fittings can be ordered on fuel, brake, transmission, vacuum, choke and hydraulic hard lines. Classic Tube is the first choice of the professional and amateur restorer. If you require 100% accurate tubing, braided stainless StopFlex® hoses, metal/rubber flex hoses or DIY stainless exhaust tubing contact Classic Tube. Check out all their fluid transfer products at www.classictube.com.

For complete information contact the experts at Classic Tube, 80 Rotech Drive, Lancaster, NY 14086, 800-882-3711, In NY: 716-759-1800, Fax: 716-759-1014. CLASSIC TUBE, BENT ON PERFECTION!