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Project Avenger Part VII: Our racer gets stainless steel brake lines


May 2004

By: Thomas A. DeMauro
Photos by: Chris Vignogna

With the installation of our four-wheel disc brake kit completed, we now move onto tying it all together with stainless steel brake lines from Classic Tube. And since this will be the last story on the chassis before we move on to the drivetrain, we'll also point out a few very well engineered aspects of the Avenger's chassis we may not have elaborated on in past issues.

Project Avenger A/Modified Super Stocker

1. With Lou Vignogna's A/Modified Super Stocker's chassis completed, let's check out its new stainless steel brake lines and a few interesting chassis attributes.

Project Avenger Custom Bent Lines

2. While you can order custom bent brake lines for your Mopar with the correct color-coded fittings for most any application, in the case of our Avenger, Lou Vignogna ordered Classic Tube's stainless steel lines in straight lengths so he could custom fit each one using a tubing bender. Classic Tube sells O.E.-style steel tubing and stainless steel tubing in straight lengths by the inch/foot.

Project Avenger 304 Stainless Steel Fittings

3. Lou also ordered Classic Tube's stainless steel fittings, which are made from 304 grade stainless hex stock and are available in various S.A.E. sizes.

Double Flaring Stainless Steel Line

4. Here, Lou is double flaring the stainless line prior to installation. Though not shown, he did remember to install the fitting before he began flaring.

304 stainless aircraft double annealed tubing

5. A straight length of stainless steel line connects master cylinder to the rear brakes. Classic Tube's stainless steel lines are made from 304 grade stainless steel aircraft quality double annealed tubing. According to the company, each piece is pressure tested and has a burst point of 6,000 psi. Normal brake pressures can reach 3,000 psi, so a 6,000 psi. burst point is more than adequate for our needs.

T Block

6. At the rear, a T-block divides the fluid pressure that's fed through the main front-to-rear line from the front circuit of the master cylinder to actuate the rear calipers...

Project Avenger StopFlex Braided Hose

7. ...via these flexible StopFlex stainless steel hoses from Classic Tube. Yes, it's a little tough to see through the rear suspension but there is a flexible hose back there.

Project Avenger Line Junction

8. Up front, the look is much the same as we see here at the junction of the front hard line and this flexible stainless steel hose which feeds the caliper.