Stopflexpageheaderwithbutton Stainless Steel braided hoses for domestic and imported cars and trucks—
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Use STOPFLEX® Stainless Steel hoses and have more control during braking!

STOPFLEX® incorporates a special 4-layer design for superior strength and virtually no volumetric expansion. It starts first with a tough Teflon® PTFE core (liner) which, secondly, is wrapped in a Kevlar braid, followed thirdly by an elastomeric barrier and then finally strengthened further by the outer stainless steel braid.

  • D.O.T. approved for street use
  • No volumetric expansion
  • Immediate response; not soft as with other hoses
  • Corrosion resistant

Use Classic Tube's STOPFLEX® hose assemblies for brake and clutch applications to eliminate the spongy pedal feel and provide greater braking efficiency and clutch operation.

STOPFLEX® hoses are also available with a final coat of clear vinyl for a great look and easy clean up.Replacing original equipment rubber hoses with STOPFLEX® stainless steel braided hoses will increase braking performance by doing away with the soft spongy brake pedal. Rubber hoses expand, with the approximately 1200 psi which is generated under hard braking. STOPFLEX® results show a firmer pedal, allowing more control during braking.

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What makes a hose D.O.T. certified?

The Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) has developed a set of standards, FMVSS # 106 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), to which all flexible hoses must perform without failing under extreme conditions. In order to be certified, tested hoses must pass the "whip" test. STOPFLEX® hoses’ 4-layer design has proven superior under D.O.T. testing conditions and have surpassed D.O.T. safety requirements.

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